Hersteller: Vanquish Products

Brass F10 Portal Knuckle Weight - Low Offset

Art.Nr.: VPS08652

Hersteller: Vanquish Products

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Brass F10 Portal Knuckle Weight - Low Offset

These Vanquish Products Brass F10 Portal Knuckle Weights are a low offset version allowing the use of a 225 SLW hub and will clear 0.8 or 1.0 wide Vanquish Products Wheels.

These are a direct replacement for the F10 Portal knuckle covers.  Compatible with the plastic VPS08607 or the machined aluminum VPS8640 / VPS8641 F10 portal knuckles.  

The Brass F10 Knuckle weights are built to maximize the down low weight and lower your COG.  Weighing in at over 82 grams.  Made in the USA with domestic sourced brass.


Machined in the USA
Made from high quality domestic sourced brass
Direct replacement for F10 Front Portal Knuckle covers
Machine engraved Vanquish Products and logo
Over 82 grams per piece.  2 per package.
Allows for low offset 225 SLW Hubs and Vanquish Products wheels to clear the knuckle weight for the narrowest possible overall width with F10 Portals.
Will clear with Molded Incision wheels and #4 hubs (Wheels included in VPS09007, VPS09008, VPS09011)
We cannot guarantee the fitment of other manufactures wheels

Package includes:

X2 Brass F10 Portal Knuckle Weights - Low Offset

*Replaces knuckle covers from VPS09007 and VPS08600. All bearings, hardware, gears, axle shafts, etc are reused.

***Please refer to VPS09007 or VPS08600 instruction manuals for replacement assembly instructions.