Hersteller: M2C Racing

M2c 6901 TEKNO FRONT/REAR DIFF CASE - Rückläufer

Art.Nr.: m2c-6901-g

Hersteller: M2C Racing

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This  diff case is made using 7075 T6 aircraft aluminum and hard anodized for maximum wear life. We designed it to use the stock

Tekno parts.  we have redigned the inside to allow the case to hold over 2 times as much diff fluid. this will give you more consistant diff action thru the entire run in a long main.We have also added spider gear shims (small inner gears)to cut down on friction.

Note: the  (4) shims must be used behind the spider gears to ensure proper mesh. PN 9150

These are custom hardened shims that will not rotate in the case so there will no wear on the diff case.

Many thanks  to Chris Nunez ,Kevin Rowe and Matt Wolter for all the help in getting these diff cases designed and tested.