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Braided Cable/Fuel Line Sleeve black

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Hersteller: DDM

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Braided Cable/Fuel Line Sleeve

Add a little extra color to your RC or Goped with this colored expandable sleeving. Cable and fuel line expandable sleeving is braided from 10 mil polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarn. The sleeving easily expands up to 150% and gently constricts around irregular shapes. It remains flexible over a wide temperature range and is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation and abrasion. To avoid frayed ends we recommend you use heat shrink tubing, cable ties, or plain electrical tape at the end of each cut.

Size range: 1/8" - 7/16"

Sold by the foot (1 foot = approx 30 cm)

We offer heat shrink tubing (a 4" piece that you can use to seal off your ends, enough for approximately 4 ends) separately, see item # tt350HS or select it from the drop down menu on this page.

Stainless Steel Sleeving

With stainless steel sleeving, you can take any stock or custom hose, slip a length of stainless steel braided sleeving over it, hide the cut ends under your clamps or ties and have the same look and protection as custom overbraided hoses at a fraction of the cost. Stainless steel cables are 1/2 in diameter and cover hose 1/4-5/8 inches in diameter.