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The VS4-10 Builders Kit features the Vanquish Products VFD transmission and F10 straight Axles. The molded F10 Straight Axles utilize a high clearance design which minimizes the size of the pumpkin and maximizes strength around the C-hub and knuckle. Connecting the VFD to the F10 Straight Axles are the ISD10 driveshafts. The ISD10 Driveshafts have machined CV style joints at each end with molded splined shafts between them for smooth and efficient performance.

VFD Transmission
F10 Straight Axle Housings
Offset Pumpkin Front Straight Axle
Centered Pumpkin Rear Straight Axle
Universal-style front axle shafts
Double Shear Shock Mounts
ISD10 Driveshafts

VFD Transmission
The VFD is designed to provide an optimal balance of performance, scale appearance, strength and versatile optional accessories. The VFD’s design places the motor forward and as low as possible to keep the weight where you want it. Out of the box the VFD Spec transmission provides a 6.5% overdrive to provide better turning and climbing performance without taxing your electronics. The T-case utilizes unique replaceable bearing plates to provide adjustable bearing positioning. The modular design of the bearing plates allow for optional gear ratios to be used inside the T-case. The VFD transmission is compatible with 540 brushed and brushless motors*

Standard Overdrive 6.5%
Sintered Internal Gears
Hardened Chromoly Shafts
Molded VFD Extended Skid Plate for Motor Protection
Molded Battery and Electronic trays
Full ball bearing transmission
Scale Molded Transmission Housing
Molded 6mm motor plate
Molded Spur Gear Cover
32P 56T Spur and 13T Steel Pinion

F10 Straight Axles
The F10 Plastic Molded Straight axles benefit from Vanquish Product’s years of design experience in making the industry’s best aluminum axles. The molded F10 Straight axles feature an ultra rigid design with an integrated truss that ties both ends of the axle together, and oversized C's with an integrated panhard mount.

Molded Plastic Axle housings
Universal Style Axle Shafts
49 Degrees of Steering
High Caster reinforced C-Hub
High-Pinion Hypoid Axle Gears (30/8)
5mm Output shafts with M4 wheel nut
One-Piece Molded Bearing Retainers
Adjustable Lower Shock Mounting Position
Scale removable third member

Vanquish Products VS4-10 Chassis is made to provide you with a balance of scale looks and unhindered performance. The steel C-channel design provides scale detail, molded front and rear cross members fill the chassis rails in the highest stress locations for ultimate strength and provide features like dual servo mounts, winch line routing, and a fuel cell. The molded rock sliders come with a replaceable outer portion. The panhard mount on the chassis is made from machined aluminum to withstand the impacts of severe trail conditions. Molded shock towers capture the top of the 90mm Incision S8E Shocks in double shear for maximum support.

Heavy Duty High Clearance Steel C-Channel Frame Rails
Integrated battery tray and electronic mounting positions
Stainless Steel links

The VS4-10 features Incision 90mm S8E shocks with larger 8mm bore aluminum threaded bodies, dual X-ring seals, locking preload collars, keyed spring cups, polished steel shock shafts, and machined pistons. The front 3-link with panhard suspension provides scale looks by keeping the servo out of sight, while still providing room for full suspension travel. The suspension pivots on a full set of stainless steel links to keep the weight down low with a smooth transition from the link to the rod ends.

SC8E Incision 90mm Shocks with bleeder screw shock cap
Stainless Steel Links
Stainless Steel Pivot Balls
Stainless Steel offset lower shock pivot balls for tuning shock width at axle

S8E Scale Shocks
The Incision S8E Scale Shocks feature a larger 8mm bore for increased damping. The increased volume reduces internal shock pressures for longer seal life. Dual molded X-Ring lower shock cartridge provides more sealing surfaces than standard o-rings. Threaded shock bodies allow for a wide spring preload range. Offset lower shock pivot balls allow for greater flexibility for tuning shock angles.

8mm Bore Scale Shocks
Includes IRC00523 S8E Shock Tuning Rod End Set for +5mm, 0mm, and -5mm shock tuning options
Threaded shock bodies
Scale shock cap with steel pivot ball and bleeder screw
Polished Shock shafts
Dual X-Rings

30wt Shock Oil
*Fits most 540 brushed and brushless motors

1/10th Scale
3.75:1 Axle Gear Ratio
13T Pinion
56T Spur Gear
Wheelbase: 313mm (12.3")
Overall Front Ratio: 47.6:1
Overall Rear Ratio: 50.8:1
Front axle width pin to pin: 182mm (7.17")
Rear axle width pin to pin: 182mm (7.17")

The F10 Straight Axles are widely praised for their exceptional durability, precise engineering, and smooth performance, making them a top choice among enthusiasts.

The VS4-10 Builders Kit includes the Vanquish Products VFD transmission and F10 straight axles. The F10 axles feature a high clearance design, minimizing pumpkin size and maximizing strength around the C-hub and knuckle. The ISD10 driveshafts connect the VFD to the F10 axles, featuring machined CV joints and molded splined shafts for smooth, efficient performance.

The proven VFD transmission is equipped with 6.5% overdrive. Providing a low and forward motor position with a protective skid plate along the front of the skid plate.

Full ball bearing and metal gears provide strength and longevity for worry free performance.

VDI Front axle shafts provide 49° of steering angle.

The versatile battery tray accommodates most batteries, including hard case LiPo and standard stick pack sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

The Vanquish Products VS4-10 Chassis combines scale looks with high performance. Its steel C-channel design offers scale detail and strength, featuring dual servo mounts, winch line routing, and a fuel cell. The molded rock sliders have a replaceable tapered outer portion. The machined aluminum panhard mount withstands severe trail impacts. Molded shock towers secure the 90mm Incision S8E Shocks.

The VS4-10 Chassis brings unmatched rigidity, superior build quality, and a versatile design, making it a popular choice for a wide range of projects.

The VFD is designed for optimal performance, scale appearance, strength, and versatile accessories. It positions the motor forward and low for ideal weight distribution. The VFD Spec transmission offers a 6.5% overdrive for improved turning and climbing without stressing electronics. The T-case features replaceable bearing plates for adjustable positioning and optional gear ratios. Compatible with 540 brushed and brushless motors*.

The VFD transmission has wide metal gears inside for strength in the areas that count. The option to build the VFD transmission with a variety of option parts allows you to tune the performance to your needs.

The VS4-10 features Incision 90mm S8E shocks with 8mm bore aluminum threaded bodies, dual X-ring seals, locking preload collars, keyed spring cups, polished steel shock shafts, and machined pistons. The front 3-link with panhard suspension offers scale looks by hiding the servo, while allowing full suspension travel. Stainless steel links ensure low weight and durability.

A proven combination of 3-link with panhard front suspension and triangulated rear suspension will allow your custom project to perform as good as it looks. The high clearance chassis and 90mm S8E shocks will give you the flexibility and predictability to conquer the terrain.

1.9 Tires (Recommended)
1.9 Wheels (Recommended)
Transmitter / Receiver
Steering servo (25 spline 20mm Servo Horn included)
540 Motor


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